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Company Profile


SwitchCom is Africa's leading IT & Telecom Service Provider and one of the major players in boosting the Angolan economy. A multinational organization, SwitchCom now has operations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our success in mother land Angola allowed us to expand our services to the Sub-Saharan region playing a major role in changing the IT & Telecom landscape within the region. SwitchCom has helped Angola in sustaining its position as the region's main hub for business, trade and foreign investment by providing reliable and high quality services. We are one innovative IT & Telecom company powering its home country, Angola, to be a top nation in the region by providing the latest technologies.

SwitchCom is a pioneer in next-generation networks for both WAN and LAN services as well as fiber optics. SwitchNET, a division of SwitchCom, launched its fast internet services through out the country with the most cost effective plans. SwitchOnline, another division of SwitchCom, launched its fast WiFi HotSpots through out the country as well making sure our citizens are connected wherever they are.

SwitchCom is pioneering "green" technologies focusing on providing environmentally-friendly information and communication solutions. We make sure that our infrastructure meets the highest international standards and our solutions help reduce carbon emissions.

We partnered with many governments and non-governments organizations to help increase access to education and health care through technology.

Together we thrive for the best of our country... Angola.